About the film market

Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Events' 100% online film market remains a great place to business.

Our film market consists of the presentation of 62 projects in different stages of scriptwriting, development or production/post-production. All the projects will have the possibility of one-to-one meetings with attending industry professionals.

Script Pool Tallinn invites 5 producer and writer teams to develop their feature films under expert mentorship.

POWR Baltic Stories Exchange presents 6 early-stage script projects.

Baltic Event Co-Production Market is featuring 20 projects this year, including 5 as part of Russia in Focus 2020.

European Genre Forum hosts 8 projects for their Marketing & Packaging Lab, together with final pitching.

A special initiative by A.G.I.C.I and Cineuropa - Italy Goes Baltic - presents 5 projects in development, seeking regional co-production partners.

We will screen 18 Works In Progress in three sections: Just Film (children and youth films), Baltic Event (Baltic and Finnish films), and International Works In Progress.