Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event

Masterclass by Award-winning Production Designer Jacqueline Abrahams

How To Make Your Brand Identity Work for You

Masterclass by Modeler and Propmaker Simon Weisse

Masterclass by Award-winning Production Designer Maria Djurkovic

CORTEX – Are You Dreaming or Just Watching An Amazing Film?

Lost in Translation? Visual Story Development From Script to Screen

Location Scouting for Big Productions: How Do You Pitch Locations to International Producers on Projects Like Tenet and Chernobyl?

One-on-one Speed-dating Session for Estonian Professional Actors with International Agents and Casting Experts (with Pre-registration)

Online Opening with Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event’s Marge Liiske

Pitching Refresher Fireside Chat with Bonnie Williams

How to Make Short Form Series

Taking the Digital Leap to International Streamers

European Film Forum Tallinn 2020

TV Beats: Jörg Winger Masterclass on Global Changes and Trends in Series Production

Spatial Chat Afterparty

Fighting Corona pt 2: How to Use Audience Data Correctly For Film Marketing?

BE Works In Progress Presentation

Just Film Works In Progress Presentation

French-Estonian Film Co-production: Opportunities and Case-studies. In The Light of The New Treaty

International Works In Progress Presentation

Film Distribution in Times of High Season for Streaming Platforms: Opportunities and Challenges for Producers

Industry Talk: The Future of Online Casting and Auditioning

Creative Loan - An Affordable Loan for Those Who Create

Shoot in the Baltics!

Creating Series From an Existing IP

Global Screen Production – The Impact of Film and Television Production on Economic Recovery from COVID-19

Don’t Sabotage Your Own Film!

SpatialChat Networking Happy Hour

BNS: Panel with US Casting Agents, Casting Directors, and Talent Managers About the Way US Auditions Work and How Casting Directors Find European Actors.

BNS Workshop with Casting Director Tusse Lande of Casting Agency Kompani Lande: How to Promote Yourself in a Competitive Market and Focusing on How to Present Yourself in the Best Way with Practical Guidance on How to Make an “About Me Video”.

Script Pool Film Pitches

European Genre Forum Pitches

POWR Baltic Stories Exchange Pitches

Italy Goes Baltic Project Pitches

BNS: Masterclass for Actors: What Makes a Good Casting? How Will We Work the Coming Time and What's to be Expected for Actors?

Music Meets Film: Valuing Local Territory in Global Industry

Italian Independent Producers (AGICI) and Cineuropa present - Italian for Advanced Users: Co-production opportunities with Italy

How Can Artificial Intelligence Work for Your Festival Marketing and Communications? Showcase of FotoInMotion

Filming Opportunities and Financial Incentives in Russian NorthWest

SpatialChat Networking Happy Hour

Music Meets Film: Choosing Doors: A Conversation with Danny Elfman

TV Beats: How Has COVID Impacted Global Production?

TV Beats: New Solutions: Producing and Co-Producing in the COVID Era

TV Beats: MIDPOINT TV Launch 2020 - Season Finale

TV Beats: Script Pool TV Pitches

Music Meets Film: Production Processes Affecting Creativity

TV Beats: Fighting For Gender Equality With the Geena Davis Institute

BNS: What Casting Directors Can Do for Your Project, Securing Cast and How to Get the Right Actors for Your Project

TV Beats: The Appetite for Female-Led Content

Creative Virtual Reality Industry: Outcomes of the Pandemic

TV Beats: Baltic Women: What's New, What Next?

TV Beats: How to Talk to Global Streamers

BNS: DEADLINE Talk with Tom Grater and the Tallinn Black Nights Stars. Q&A for the Public

Boundaries on the Cinema Screen - Content We Show or Choose to Show the Young Audience, Should it be Regulated and if so, by Whom?

Awards Ceremony

SpatialChat Networking Happy Hour

TV Beats: Case Study: STRANGER THINGS S4

TV Beats: Spotlight Elisa Estonia

BNS: Intimacy in Front of the Camera - Webinar by Julia Effertz, Intimacy Coordinator

TV Beats: Germany: Serious About Series

TV Beats: Case Study: DEUTSCHLAND

TV Beats: Adaptation vs. Co-production: Russian - Scandinavian case

The Changing Place of Film Festivals in the Film Industry

TV Beats: Ukraine Focus: Film.UA

Writing for Virtual Reality Workshop (pre-registration only)

TV Beats: Russia in Focus: Yellow Black & White and Rentavideo Studio

TV Beats: Russia in Focus: 1-2-3 Production

TV Beats: Case Study: Hausen