Henessi  Schmidt
Henessi Schmidt

My name is Henessi, I live and work in Estonia as a freelancer, performing both in theatre and film. I studied theatre and acting in the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy and graduated in 2019. ​
Besides acting I have also studied yoga and herbal medicine and could also be found behind the DJ decks. ​ As an artist, I am into growth and progress. I would like to collaborate in projects that can open new perspectives and expand my experience and methods as an actress. It is important to me that the work I do has something to say and improve in our society and environment. I believe that a work of art can and should touch the audience, widen their perception, and make a difference in their heart and in their mind.
Before my studies as an actress, I was devoted to dancing for four years, which has made me fond of the idea of working on projects that are also connected with dance, choreography or martial arts. ​
I think I am quite adventurous, love experimenting, facing challenges and making mistakes. I do my work with love and so it never feels like work to me.

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