Pre-Register for Music Meets Film Second Day at Arvo Pärt Centre!

On 26 November Music Meets Film welcomes composers, directors, creatives, producers, agents and others in magnificent Arvo Pärt Centre in Laulasmaa. To secure the place at the event, please pre-register before 22 November.

The second day of Music Meets Film programme starts with British forensic musicologist and copyright infringement specialist Peter Oxendale speaking about common copyright misconceptions. The schedule also includes three case studies by renowned film composers Richard Harvey, Michael J McEvoy and Mihkel Zilmer. The day will conclude with a feature-length documentary film “Making Waves: The Art of Cinematic Sound” (2019), directed by Midge Costin. During the day everyone has an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with Arvo Pärt Centre.

Throughout the day the sound is provided by Estelon. Estelon, established in Estonia in 2010, produces hi-end loudspeakers. The highly acclaimed speaker company has eight different models, and as part of the Music Meets Film event, the largest speakers named Extreme will be installed at the Arvo Pärt Center. The speakers, over 2 meters high and weighing 250 kilograms, can reproduce every single detail as vividly as possible and provides Music Meets Film second day with an excellent sound.

To attend the 2nd day of Music Meets Film at Arvo Pärt Centre, please pre-register through tickets purchase by Friday, 22 November the latest, so we could secure the seat on the bus.