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Little Red Helmet


Little Red Helmet is a modern reinterpretation of Little Red Riding Hood – a story about an 11-year old girl who decides not to grow up and goes on a hunger strike in an attempt to rebel against the world of grown ups.


Who the hell came up with the idea that childhood is the happiest time of your life? Bullshit! Not if you’re a girl who’s just turned 11 and your parents moved to the middle of nowhere. Not if your dad is depressive, and your mum is in denial. Not if your new classmates hate you and the only person who understands you is your sick grandma. Not if your life’s dream is to become a firewoman, and your only friend is an imaginary wolf. Did we already mention that grown ups suck? Well, if you’re that girl, your only option might be to go on a hunger strike to avoid growing up and becoming one of them…

Directors note

Keren Klimovsky is a young multilingual and multicultural writer, who now resides in Sweden. Rehearsals (2013), the first film she co-authored won festival awards and was shown on Russian national TV. Klimovsky is the co-author of the short dramedy series, Natural Selection, about coming out on the Russian internet in November
2020. Little Red Helmet is originally a play for adolescents, written for the stage. It won 2 awards in play competitions and is staged in both Russia and Ukraine.

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