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The Anger

Germany, Lebanon
Psychological drama
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A young Muslim girl flees her small Lebanese village to escape her mother’s drinking and start over in a big city. There she meets a charismatic European man, thinking she has found salvation, peace, and love in him. But it turns out to be fatally wrong. Her fate is shown through a lens of Lebanese events, her experiences, internal tragedy, rejection of her religion, loss of loved ones, deception, betrayal, recovery and hope. The originality of the idea comes from our story being told through a prism of a Middle Eastern country. The project participated in Marche du film Proof of Concept pitch

Completion date
1255000 €
1070000 €
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gap-financing, distributors, sales agents, broadcasters, streamers, co-producers, festivals, cinema markets
Maria Ivanova Z.
Maria Ivanova Z.
Maria Ivanova Z.
Olga Artemyeva
Production Company
Scoop Production
Production Company
Ne a Beirut Films
Production Company
The Post Republic
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Daria Strakhova
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Screenwriter, Director, Producer
Maria Ivanova Z.

Ms. Maria Ivanova Z. is a producer and director with over 16 years of experience. Born in Moscow and graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University. She is the head of Scoop Production company (previously known as Buta Films). She started as a documentary filmmaker and switched to feature films. In 2014 she produced a short film Sonuncu (The Last One), which participated in the 67th Cannes Festival Official Competition. In 2017 Maria presented her a full-length documentary film about Syrian refugees Fleeing the War. The film has received a special award from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. In 2019 she started her debut feature The Anger. We started the production during the COVID-19 pandemic. When we started shooting, there was an explosion at the Port of Beirut. Each day we didn’t know what would happen next, whether we would be able to return to the set.

Production Company
Scoop Production

Scoop Production based in Moscow and Berlin. The company puts its priority on international projects. For the past 16 years Scoop produced more than hundred films, series and organized dozens of events. There are feature films, two series and animated projects in the company’s production.

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