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Way to Home


A young woman returns from treatment at a psychiatric hospital and has to tackle the prejudice of her family, especially one of her brothers, to find herself at home in her own home.


HELEENE (25) returns home from treatment for depression, only to find her antagonist brother MADIS (35) has come home after a bitter divorce. Heleene’s dream of making herself feel at home again is crushed. The eldest brother, JAAN (39) and his wife MARIETTA (44), seem powerless in the battle between Heleene and Madis, while dodging the painful subject of their own – childlessness. Madis accuses Heleene of causing the car accident that killed their parents years ago, until things by chance are revealed in a different light.

Directors note

Ave GorÊiÊ, born 1979, has a PhD from Tartu University in Folkloristics (2009) and has worked at the Estonian Folklore Archives of the Estonian Literary Museum in Tartu, Estonia since 2008. Her main research topic is history of folkloristics and folk belief. Since 2018, she has attended screenwriting courses by Leana Jalukse and
Margit Keerdo-Dawson (EST), in addition to masterclasses with Ian Long (UK), Jon Vorhaus (USA) and Chris Soth (USA) and a screenwrit- ing workshop during the Finno-Ugric Film Festival (2019) by Dániel Erdélyi (HUN). She has finished three shorts and two feature films and works on a new short.

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